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We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School


We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

We are the Splitter Nation!

Lincoln High School

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Posted 5.0 months ago @ 5:19PM

Youth/Middle School Football & Cheer Merger!

We're joining our Lincoln Youth Football & Cheer Club with the Lincoln Middle School Football & Cheer programs!  WHY WOULD WE DO THAT!?!?

ONE Program.

  • We want ALL of our Lincoln kids to play together…one community, one program!

More practices, more games, more opportunity.

  • The new Lincoln Youth program will play 8 games plus and opportunity for a playoff berth – The old Middle School schedule was 6. 
  • Practice begins August 2nd – match the HS schedule for preparation time!

FULL Resources. 

  • We’ve made the full commitment to bring facilities, Athletics, and Community Education together to give the same experience to all athletes from grade 1 – 8.


We need registrations in place by June 1 to set the schedule! 

Go to and click on Community Education to register!


Frequently Asked Questions…


Who’s running the program? 

WE are.  The Lincoln and Youth Football & Cheer Club will join with Lincoln Athletics to manage the program.  Lincoln school staff will join the Board of Directors of the Club to help make decisions, and as a Community Education program…the whole program falls under the purview of the Lincoln Board of Education. 

The LYFCC Board will manage registration, scheduling, equipment, and staffing the program.  Coaches will go through the same background checks that are required of all volunteer staff at LCS. 

Lincoln Athletics will support equipment budgets, include the youth program in practice space, game needs, and add LYFCC to athletic registration through


Isn’t this just cancelling Middle School Football?

No.  It ends the long practice of forcing kids to choose between playing 7th/8th grade football through LMS and playing “Varsity” for LYFCC.  We want all Lincoln kids to play together.  They wear the blue and gray, they wear the LR, they play on the turf…all MS kids have an opportunity to play football and cheer together in one program.


Why pick LYFCC?  Can’t we make everyone play for the Middle School?

We could, but the LYFCC can offer a better opportunity than staying strictly with Middle School can.  The season is longer, offers more games and practice time, and allows us to connect one program for all participating athletes from 1st through 8th grades.  Registration is the same, structure is the same – and we can all work together toward the same goal.

Middle School sports are governed by the MHSAA and limited to six games.  We just aren’t allowed to expand the opportunity under current guidelines.

The high school coaching staffs are offering coaching clinics, video sessions, and summer camps in order to stay connected.  We all want to teach the same things – fundamentals from early elementary are the same fundamentals that it takes to be successful in high school and beyond.


Won’t LYFCC be more expensive?

No.  Part of the merger is that the youth program matches the fees assessed for participation at the Middle School.  For $100, students that register for football and cheer will have that fee applied to other middle school sports.  Play football, then play basketball, wrestle, run track, swim – one fee pays for the entire school year.  Cheer, then play softball, basketball, swim, run track…it’s the same for all athletes. 


What about academics? 

Nothing changes.  All athletes will have to submit grade reports at the same intervals in order to play on our teams. 


Who will we play?  Aren’t those towns far away?

LYFCC will play in the Kensington Valley Youth Football Conference.  Teams include Brighton, Hartland, Howell, Lakeland, Milford, Pinckney, Saline, South Lyon…and now Lincoln.  Average travel distance is about 37 miles for away trips.  We’ll use parent transportation to start, but buses can be available if we need them.  We’ll see how it goes, and adjust our transportation as needed.

For comparison, the current middle school participants in the Southeastern Conference are Adrian, Bedford, Chelsea, Dexter, Jackson, Monroe, Pinckney, Saline, Tecumseh, and Ypsilanti…and Lincoln in all other sports.  Average travel distance to those places is about 25 miles for away trips. 

So yes, we’ll travel a little farther on average, but comparable to what we’re doing now.


What about the practice and game schedule?  Aren’t they more difficult to manage?

Depends on what you need.  Practices will run in the evenings, and games on Saturdays.  We’re anticipating some MS families will appreciate the later times and the ease of scheduling after work, and some will wish that practices happened right after school.  Some families will love getting to get family to Saturday games to watch kids play and perform and some will wish for the old Tuesday at 4:15 p.m. 

Keep talking to us about the schedule.  Remember, the goal is One Lincoln – all of our kids getting the best opportunity to practice and compete.


This all sounds great, what’s the downside?

The worry is that our families will see this as a “cancellation” of MS sports, when the goal is to enhance the school experience for kids in that age group – the chance to come together in one program is too valuable to pass up. 


Reach out with questions or concerns…

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